12 SL: Probability

Complete the following questions over the break. (Some of these will require that you do some independent reading of the relevant sections. Also, the more you’re able to read ahead, the better!)

Enjoy the break!

Exercise 22B 1–3
Exercise 22C.1 questions 3 and 5
Exercise 22D question 3
Exercise 22E.1 questions 2, 3, 5
Exercise 22E.2 questions 2 and 3

12 SL: Descriptive Statistics

Complete the following questions before our next class. (Much of this should be review, but you may need to check definitions/read some examples in the textbook to refresh your memory.)

Exercise 20A question 1
Exercise 20B.1 questions 1 (use your calculator!), 3, 8, 12, 14