11 HL: Vector and Cartesian Equations of Planes

Try the (challenge) question below before our next class. For an extra challenge, can you post your solution below using \(\LaTeX\)? (See here for a quick tutorial.)

Find a vector equation of the plane whose Cartesian equation is \(2x+y-z=4\).

Hint 1
Can you find three points that lie on the plane? Those three points might be useful…
Hint 2
Those three points can be used to find two useful vectors…

11 HL: Planes and Normals

Complete the questions in the PDF file attached before next class. (Questions 1 b) and 3 a) are challenge questions, but you might be able to figure these out using the material we’ve covered in the past few lessons… see the hint below.)

A line with just the right direction, in just the right location, might intersect the plane in just the right point…

12 SL: Probability

Complete the following questions over the break. (Some of these will require that you do some independent reading of the relevant sections. Also, the more you’re able to read ahead, the better!)

Enjoy the break!

Exercise 22B 1–3
Exercise 22C.1 questions 3 and 5
Exercise 22D question 3
Exercise 22E.1 questions 2, 3, 5
Exercise 22E.2 questions 2 and 3