Welcome Back!

Welcome back for Year 13, and our second year of Mathematics HL!

This year we’ll be in Mathematics 12, in the Mathematics Corridor (formerly the English Corridor—our room was formerly Ms Donnelly’s room), and our first lesson will be Sunday, Lesson 5.


Review: The Derivative Part 3 + Assignment

Attached below are the final review notes for the summer.

Derivatives Review Notes (Complete)

Again, this document contains all prior review notes, so you won’t need to refer to the earlier versions when working through this material.

The newly added sections focus on using the graph of the derivative (and the second derivative) to discover features of the graph of the original function, as in applications of Calculus it’s often the case that we understand more about the derivative than we do about the original function.

Also included below is your assignment,  due on the 29th of August (your second day back). I’ve marked the last two questions (4 and 5) with a star, as they are optional (though I would strongly encourage you to do those as well). As always, post any questions below!

12 HL Derivatives and Curve Sketching Assignment