12 HL Sequences and Convergence

Complete the following questions before our next class.

(From the Haese book)
Exercise B.1 questions 3 and 5
(Read Section J, then complete )
Exercise J.1 questions 1bdf, 2acdf, 3
Exercise J.2 questions 1, 2, 3

Pay particular attention to questions 1 and 2 in J.2, which makes use of two (often useful) algebraic methods for showing that a sequence is monotonically increasing/decreasing: a sequence is decreasing if either \(u_{n+1}-u_n <0\), or \(\frac{u_{n+1}}{u_n} <1\) for all \(n\), and with inequalities reversed either method establishes that the sequence is increasing.

9 Extended: Systems of Equations and Coordinate Geometry Test

On Friday, March 15th, we’ll have a test on Systems of Equations and Coordinate Geometry (we’ve seen coordinate geometry before on the term test, so most of the questions on this test will focus on systems of equations).

In order to prepare for the test, I suggest you finish the questions we were working on in class today (Section 16E, questions 1–3, 7, and 9), then complete the questions listed below. We’ll discuss the answers in class on Monday.

Review Set 16A (all questions)
Review Set 9B questions 1–10 and Review Set 9A question 11b