11 SL: The Factorial Function

Complete the following questions (from the black book) before our next class.

Exercise 1A (all questions)

Bonus: : If seven penguins run a race, and there’s a medal awarded for first, second, and third place, in how many different ways could the medals be awarded?

12 HL: Calculus: Reviewing the Basics

Complete the following questions before the start of class on Tuesday, August 25th.


  • Review Set 16A (all questions)
    For question 6 you can use the rule that \[\textrm{If } f(x)=x^n, n\neq 0, n\in \mathbb{R}\textrm{, then }f'(x)=nx^{n-1}\] rather than using first principles. (Also, remember that “from first principles” is the way that some textbooks will indicate that they want you to start from the definition.)
  • Exercise 17A questions 2, 3, 6, 7cdef, 8, 11

(If you finish this and want to work ahead, continue reading Chapter 17.)