11 HL: Roots of Arbitrary Complex Numbers

Here I’ve attached the entire PDF presentation from today’s class. I suggest you read through that presentation and complete the questions on page 5 and 6 (page 5 contains the questions you’ve already worked on in class, so those may already be finished!).

If you want to finish complex numbers completely, read the final two slides, and give the questions from the textbook a try. (This would be a great way to review your understanding of complex numbers before the end-of-year exam!)

Update: Here’s a GeoGebra applet that will let you view the roots of an arbitrary complex number.

11 HL: Roots of Unity

Complete the questions in the file linked here. The second file here is more challenging (in parts), but you should try that one as well! There’s a hint for question 3 below.

For question 3, a proof by contradiction might be a good way to proceed!