Review: The Derivative Part 2

Hope you’re all enjoying the break!

Attached below is the second part of your summer review notes on the derivative (note that the document attached below contains the previous review notes as well). Again, some of this material will be review from the last few lessons, but there are a few new elements that you should get acquainted with now, and which we’ll be spending more time with at the start of next term.

Also as before, there are some questions at the end of the new section that you should complete (but which will not be collected at the start of the term). If you have any trouble with these, please do post your questions in the comments section below.

There will be one final set of additional notes (again, focused on review from the last few lessons), which will be posted, along with your short summer assignment, sometime on or before the 7th of August.

Derivatives Review Notes (updated)


Review: The Derivative

Over the summer I’ll be posting a few review notes, and (later in July) a short assignment for you to complete for the end of the summer. The first topic for review is the definition of the derivative.

I suggest that you read through the attached notes and complete the questions in each section. (Your answers to the questions included in the note will not be collected, but you really must complete them in order to best understand this material.) Note that there are no diagrams included in these notes, and I suggest that you create your own supplemental diagrams as you’re reading through the material.

As always, post any questions you have in the comments section below, or send them to me in an email if you’d prefer.

Derivatives Review Notes