12 HL Probability

Complete* the following questions before class tomorrow.

Exercise 24E.2 question 5
Exercise 24F questions 2, 5, 7, 8
Exercise 24G questions 7 and 10
Exercise 24H.1 question 3, 7
Exercise 24I questions 1–3, 6, 11–13
Exercise 24J questions 1–4, 6, 9

*Hmm… that’s rather a lengthy list! I recommend you complete as many of these questions as possible, (say, up to at least 24H.1), and then I’ll leave you some time tomorrow to work on any remaining questions.

10 Philosophy: Science and Uniformity

Read Chapter 6 of Bertrand Russell’s The Problems of Philosophy.

After reading that chapter, answer the questions below in your notes.

You overhear the following discussion in class.

Stephen: Paper always burns, that’s a scientific fact.
Claire: No it’s not, paper doesn’t burn if it’s wet!

  1. Is “paper always burns” a scientific fact? Is “paper always burns unless it’s wet” a scientific fact?
  2. Can you think of any scientific claims that are always true, without exception? What are they?
  3. Does science depend on the assumption of the uniformity of nature? Explain.

11 SL Laws of Logarithms (Part 1)

Complete the following questions before our next class.

Exercise 4C.1 questions 1adghko, 2adg, 3ad, 4de, 5ad, 6abde, 7c

Are you looking to work ahead? The following questions will be assigned as homework in the coming days, so feel free to get started now if you want to be a Master of Logarithms!

Exercise 4C.2 questions 1aef, 2ace, 4abd
Exercise 4D.1 questions 1, 2, 4, 6abef
Exercise 4D.2 questions 1abhk, 2ae, 4ab, 5b
Exercise 4E questions 1abe, 2abe, 3, 4, 5abe, 6ae, 7a