9 Extended Trigonometry Test

On Friday, December 14th we’ll have our test on trigonometry.

To prepare for this test, I suggest you complete the following questions from the textbook. We will discuss answers to these in class on Wednesday.

Exercise 13D questions 1–6 (some are challenging)
Review Set 13A questions 1–4, 7, 8
Review Set 13B questions 1–4, 7

12 SL Curves, Kinematics, and Optimization Test

On Friday, December 14th we’ll have our calculus test on curve sketching, kinematics, and optimization (corresponding to Chapters 16 and 17 in our textbook).

A review package is available here: Kinematics and Applications of Derivatives Questions (you’ll need your password for the SL Resources page), and the mark scheme is also available for download on the SL Resources page.