12 SL: Limits

Read through Sections 14A and 14B in the textbook, and then work on the questions below. You should complete all questions in Section 14A, and as many as possible in Section 14B, which we’ll discuss in our next class.

Also, please reflect on your Vectors test in SEQTA.

Exercise 14A questions 1–3, 4adg
Exercise 14B questions 1–3

10 Philosophy: Logic Quiz

On Friday, September 27th we’ll have a quiz on the material we’ve covered on logic. For this quiz you should know

  • definitions of the relevant terms (statement, validity, etc.),
  • how to represent the logical structure of a statement, and
  • how to use truth tables to analyze statement types and to determine whether or not an argument is valid/invalid.

12 SL: Vectors Test

As advertised, we’ll have our vectors test on Wednesday, September 18th. This test will cover all material on vectors (Chapters 12 and 13 in the textbook).

Your best resource for test preparation is the set of review questions that were emailed to you, and the mark scheme for those questions will be sent to you via email as well. You may also wish to look at review questions from the end of chapter review sets as well.