12 HL: The Standard Normal Distribution

Complete the following questions before our next class.

It is know that the foot size, \(X\)of a Tyrannosaurus rex is normally distributed with \(\textrm{P}(X\geq 70)=0.43\) and \(\textrm{P}(X\leq 30)=0.24\). Find the mean and standard deviation of the Tyrannosaurus rex foot size.

You can have some time in class tomorrow to work on the questions below, but you should get a start on these tonight. (Also, we’ve now finished the chapter on continuous probability distributions!)

Exercise 28E.1 question 1
Exercise 28E.2 questions 3, 4abde, 5
Exercise 28F.1 questions 6 and 9
Exercise 28F.2 questions 5 and 9

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